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Beard Hair Transplant

beardBeard Hair Transplant
Men and women alike view facial hair or beards as a symbol of virility and a valued one as well. Beards nowadays have begun to sprout up everywhere, with different lengths and colours, making them become a highly praised trend in men’s world. Unfortunately, too many men suffer from hair loss, either caused by genetics, trauma, radiation, burns, scarring from surgery or the ageing process; this lack of facial hair may lead to a low self-esteem. Fear not, here at the IHT, we have an option for you to recover or regrow a mighty beard, through the FUE orFollicular Unit Extraction surgical hair transplant.

Facial hair transplant or beard hair transplant with FUE is a painless cosmetic procedure, due to the use of an oral sedative, designed to transplant hair generally from the scalp to facial areas that lack density or where hair doesn’t grow. The Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant for beard restoration implies the removal of individual hairs from a healthy donor area (usually the back of the head) and then their implantation, one by one, in the designated spaces through microincisions on a bare beard patch. Given that hair follicles in the beard or moustache grow individually, each hair must be implanted individually, placed in the correct direction and in close proximity to its neighbour, this is essential in order to achieve natural looking results. Because of its complexity, the FUE beard hair transplant procedure may last for 8-9 hours and may require multiple sessions, in order to achieve the best cosmetic results.

The greatest advantages of the FUE minimally invasive beard hair transplant are that it is a permanent procedure and that there is minimal to no scarring involved. The transplanted hair will act and grow like natural facial hair and patients can choose between clean shaves and long beards with no problem.

The IHT team is highly experienced with FUE surgical hair transplant procedures and can guarantee permanent and cosmetically satisfying beard hair restoration results.

Reclaim your self-esteem and even make your mates jealous on your gorgeous full beard.