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Eye-Brow Hair Transplant

eyeEyebrows play an essential role in defining our facial features and expressions. Since they have such a great impact on us and on the people around us, many desire to have the perfect eyebrows by improving their aspect, making them have a more natural look. If you are one of these people be sure to check out the IHT eyebrow hair transplant treatment, a treatment that will reconstruct and redefine the shape of your eye¬brows. There are several causes that explain facial hair loss, such as mechanic damage of the hair follicle, undergoing chemotherapy, scarring and low levels of testosterone. In these cases, some of the non-surgical procedures might help but cannot achieve the best possible look, just by dying or tattooing them. No matter the reason, the highly trained and experienced specialists found in our clinic are practically artists, designing the perfect eyebrow for each individual’s bone structure, eye size and forehead size. This surgical cosmetic procedure for eyebrow restoration or eyebrow reconstruction, namely Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE, is the same as in the case of surgical hair transplants for the head.

eyesThe FUE surgical hair transplant procedure for eyebrow reconstruction is one of the best ways to achieve glorious eyebrows, due to the fact that it is less invasive than the FUT procedure. This facial hair transplant procedure can effectively produce natural eyebrow hair regrowth using the patient’s own follicular capital. Eyebrow hair transplant with FUE involves the extraction of follicular units, which are naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 strands of hair, from the designated donor area and their transfer to the recipient site. Due to the fact that it does not produce any scarring and the recipient site does not require a great deal of follicular density, FUE surgical hair transplant is the only eyebrow hair transplantation procedure you should choose because it implies affordable costs, it is safe and minimally invasive with excellent cosmetic results.

Once these hair follicles are transplanted to the recipient area, they will behave as they would have on the donor site, meaning that they will continue to grow beyond the length of the normal eyebrow hair follicle and that they will have to be trimmed occasionally in order to maintain a natural look. Once collected, the follicular units are prepared individually for the implantation process. A multitude of microincisions are made by the doctor specialist on the surface of the recipient area in order to “host” the transplanted units. The angle of the incision is made so as to imitate the natural configuration of the eyebrow hair follicles. The eyebrow reconstruction procedure performed with the FUE surgical hair transplant is effective and noninvasive in nature; after 3 to 5 days, no signs of intervention will remain.

Before undergoing any kind of surgical hair transplant procedure, the IHT recommends that you take time to research clinics, doctors and staff to make sure that you get the best result with minimal risks.